Tillett B7-  FIA homologated and lightweight
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The B7 is amazingly light at 3.5 kg, ultra narrow at 40 cm, super high quality and homologated to 8855-1999 for racing use.

It is available in two versions; The B7-40 has a maximum width of 40 cm and the B7-44 has a maximum width of 44 cm.

The two models are the same internally. However, the 44 cm version is for the majority of cars where there is room for an aesthetically pleasing smooth rolled edge around the leg area.

The B7-40 is for narrow cars like Caterham's, Westfield's, Morgan's and many other similar cockpits with restricted space.

The seat is supplied as standard with a Dinamica suede covered headrest pad. The B7 can be ordered with Dinamica panels as an option. This adds 1 kg.

The seat has the room and belt hole height for a Hans device and even though the twin skinned seat is a rigid structure it has extra upper mounting points for those who want even more security.

The B7 also has a new mounting bracket option which has been FIA tested with the seat. The beautiful new TB FIA brackets are immensely strong and recommended for racing use.

These seats are made to order, by hand, and require approximately 8 weeks to fabricate.  Payment is required at time of purchase and is non-refundable. 


  • Item #: BRG-TILLB7

Tillett B7- FIA homologated and lightweight

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