SSC Rear Toe Link Brace Kit
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Developed on the SSC competition Exiges, this brace kit reduces rear toe mevment and increases stability aiding in ball joint preservation.  The SSC brace differs from other solutions, in that the outer fixing at the hub is replaced with a CNC turned and tapered high tensile steel fixing and all movement is via 4 Teflon lined QA1 chrome moly Heim joints. The kit also includes a brace tube. In the event of a side impact, SSC uses turned aluminium link arms which will bend before the end fixings shear.  This will protect the chassis and reduce the weight of unsprung components. The brace tube holds the inboard joints in double shear and spreads any side load over both chassis bolts. The kit is easy to fit and is completely reversible; you will need to have the wheel toe professionally reset.


Weight: - SSC Complete kit - Tube Brace, link arms, Heim joints, hub & chassis turnings, chassis bolts/nuts/washers = 2.3 kg.    For comparison, the Lotus Sport Brace Kit weighs 3.77kg

- SSC kit of  'unsprung' items  - Pair of alum link arms, 4 lock nuts, 4 Heim joints, pair taper hub fixings with 2 washers and 4 Nylocs = 1.4 kg. The pair of factory steel link arms + hub & chassis fixings and nuts = 2.4 kg.

Threads - Heim joints 1/2 inch UNF. Hub tapers 12mm x 1.5mm 'fine' pitch. Chassis bolts 10mm x 1.75mm pitch.

  • Item #: BRG-BWR1102

SSC Rear Toe Link Brace Kit

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