SSC Lotus Gear Shift Cable Upgrade
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Simply Sports Cars  of Australia has developed a new shift cable as a direct replacement for the factory cable. We needed a stronger cable that could cope with race conditions while having a more positive engagement feel. The result is a cable that is stronger, has less lost motion, and is smoother in operation.

Main features:
At the gear shift end –
Brass nickel plated guide sleeves with dust seals, instead of plastic guides with no seals – provides better guidance of side loads.
Terminates with low friction Teflon lined Spherical Rod ends – and eliminates ball linkage shear at the gearstick.

At the gearbox end -
Larger operating rod with brass nickel plated guide sleeve instead of plastic –
providing smoother operation with a higher load capacity.
Increased longevity with double protection neoprene boots providing a dust- proof seal, instead of a single gaiter.

The Cable -
Low friction inner cable provides higher efficiency, reduced force, and minimised backlash, for a smoother operation.
The cable design incorporates a splined core allowing a close low-friction fit with the inner cable liner to reduce play.
This single cable is to be used in conjunction with the other factory Crossgate cable.


SSC Lotus Gear Shift Cable Upgrade

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