Race Ramps Show Mirror
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This rugged yet elegant self-contained lighted mirror and travel case display the underside of a show vehicle. As the latest addition in the Race Ramps Show Mirror series, the lighted mirror includes switchable LED lights to illuminate objects with a vibrant super-white light. The large acrylic flex mirror and LED lighting elements are mounted in a pat- ented, lightweight, durable frame which provides a package that is easy to use, transport, and store without worrying about a broken mirror. A specially designed travel cover fits in place for safe transport yet quickly removes to reveal the mirror and lights.


RR-MIRROR-4820                     48” long x 3” high x 20” wide

RR-MIRROR-4820-LT               55.375” long x 3” high x 22” wide (Illuminated)



  • Item #: BRG-RR-MIROR-4820

Race Ramps Show Mirror

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