Race Ramps Roll-Ups
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Roll-Ups are designed to be used in conjunction with 56” or 67” Race Ramps or 40” Sport Ramps. They raise the opposite end of the vehicle up 4”, enabling completion of more difficult tasks such as changing the exhaust. Roll-Ups also raise the front or rear of the car to allow the use of a standard floor jack. At 14” wide, they can be used with tires up to 12” wide. They weigh only 4.5 pounds each and are small enough to fit in the trunk of a C5 or C6 Corvette.

32.75” long x 4” high x 14” wide (with 11.9° incline)


Sold in pairs

  • Item #: BRG-RR-RU

Race Ramps Roll-Ups

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