Quicksilver Bentley GT3-R - TITANIUM Exhaust Rear Section
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Quicksilver has established itself as the leader in aftermarket exhaust systems for premium automobiles.  Their reputation is built on providing the highest quality, best performing systems on the market for modern, classic and vintage models from the most prestigious marques. Celebrating their 40th anniversary, Quicksilver continues to innovate and expand their craft with solutions for over 3,500 unique applications and a variety of designs suited to road/ HPDE use up to full competition systems.  Quicksilver was recognized with an ISO 9001 designation, available only to manufacturers who meet the highest standards of industrial production and product quality.

Quicksliver has developed a new 100% Titanium system for the Bentley GT3R  to emphasise it's V8 presence.

This system has considerably more volume under acceleration than the OE system and a deeper note at low rpm that rises in pitch & volume with rpm and throttle.  

This QuickSilver exhaust is a perfect match for the fast-changing 8-speed gearbox by amplifying the change in note between gears.

This system also encourages the 'bubbling' on the over-run to complement the rowdy nature of the GT3R.



This system has all the advantages of our usual Stainless Steel exhausts i.e. an improved sound and better internal flow, but we have examined ways to reduce weight to the minimum and in this case have used Thin gauge Titanium.

We offer our Sport or louder SuperSport option in Titanium.

Sport - Designed for the everyday and long distance driver, refined yet sporty when required. 

SuperSport -  Suited for the driver who enjoys his car mainly just for fun offering a distinctive sound.

Key Features:

  • ULTRALIGHT Weight. 
  • An elitist sound - two choices both with more volume throughout.
  • Bolt-On fit - Precision engineered.
  • Improved throttle response. 
  • Benefits all areas of performance.
  • Weight:  5.8KG or 13Lbs!


Pricing INCLUDES shipping to the continental US.  Call or email us for pricing to other regions.  Each system is made to order in the UK by Quicksilver.  Delivery time is 2-3 weeks from date of order submission.


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Quicksilver Bentley GT3-R - TITANIUM Exhaust Rear Section

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