Quicksilver Aston Martin Vantage V12Titanium Sport Exhaust
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QuickSilver have developed a Titanium Sport exhaust system for your V12 powered Vanatage.

Manufactured from Titanium Quicksilver's system is a lighter weight alternative to their regular Sport sytem's and still offers the driver that proper old fashioned QuickSilver Sporty sound.

The system also retains the OEM tips so the vehicles original styling isn't compromised.


- Fantastic true Aston sound.

- Cat back rear section with no emissions consequences.

- Improved throttle response and all round performance.

- Bolt-On fit - Precision engineered from Stainless steel.

- Reduced Weight compared to OEM system.


With the valves removed you are able to attain a proper old fashioned elitist sound which unleashes the full potential for all to hear.

We offer two sound levels;

Sport - Default choice, slightly louder than stock (shown in the video)

SuperSport -  Louder with more presence throughout the rev range.





OEM              26.8 kgs ~ 60 lbs
QuickSilver    6.4 kgs ~ 14 lbs
Savings         20.8 kgs ~ 46 lbs

"Cat-Back": These systems do not include the catalytic converter or front pipe which is usually stainless as original equipment.

Pricing INCLUDES shipping to the continental US.  Call or email us for pricing to other regions.  Each system is made to order in the UK by Quicksilver.  Delivery time is 2-3 weeks from date of order submission.



Quicksilver Aston Martin Vantage V12Titanium Sport Exhaust

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