Penske Single and Double Adjustable Dampers for your Lotus
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Penske Racing Shocks have won in Formula 1, Indy, LeMans, and many more.  Penske has one line of shocks, the best.  We’ve been working hard with Penske Racing Engineers to provide the best quality, double or single-adjustable shocks with independent compression and rebound adjustments at a VERY attractive price point.  

Want the car to ride better EVEN with 2X the spring rates?  Want to trim 8 seconds off your lap time like one of our customers?  Read on!



  • - Integrated Floating Compression Piston eliminates compression canister.
  • - Hundreds of hours of Blackwatch dyno and track research to develop our winning combination.
  • - 40 clicks of compression adjustment and 20 sweeps of rebound give our customers lots of tuning range!
  • - Same Penske components as their $7000 Triple adjustables
  • - Precise, compact Fit for the most wheel and tire clearance.
  • - Uses standard 2.25" ID springs for wide spring rate selection
  • - Choice of Hyperco or Eibach spring sets for street or track.
  • - Comes with everything you need: shocks, springs, new front upper shock perches, adjustment tool, and mounting hardware

    • - 45mm Big Piston/shaft setup moves alot of fluid for best control.
    • - Highly linear adjusters for precise control
    • - Dynoed after they are built to ensure quality and matching.
    • - Eibach and Hyperco springs have excellent rate matching and consistency.

    We also offer a hand adjuster knob option for Rebound. Rather than use the small tool with the sweep windows, just reach in and turn it with your hand. Same precise adjustments as with sweeps, but even more fine control. 30 Clicks of adjustment!


Penske Single and Double Adjustable Dampers for your Lotus

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