OEM Lotus Supercharger Kit for Toyota 2ZZ Powered Elise/ Exige
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Lotus engineered, specified and developed this OEM kit specifically for the normally aspirated 2ZZ powered Elise and Exige.  The kit can be fitted to any 2ZZ powered car and utilizes all the production components found on the standard Elise SC.   The resulting increase of power and torque from 189HP to 220HP, and 138lb/ft to 155lb/ft makes for a significant and compelling upgrade. Perhaps most importantly, this kit is CARB Approved (California Executive Order D-616-1), so no need to worry if you live in California!

This is not an aftermarket, third party solution but a Lotus developed kit based on the standard production car.

The kit is comprehensive and includes a new ECU, supercharger, fittings and brackets.  Add the factory Stage III exhaust or one of your own to complete the package (upgraded exhaust required).


VIN must be provided with the order. 

Upgrade your normally aspirated Elise or Exige to the output of the Elise SC with the security and comfort of engineering and design from Lotus itself.

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This is a Special Order Item and requires 3-4 weeks for shipment from Lotus.  It is non-refundable except for manufacturing defect.




British Racing Group, it's affiliates, staff and shareholders shall not be held liable for the installation or modification of any vehicle with an aftermarket accessory.  These upgrades are performed at your own risk to both property and personal well being.  Installation or sue of these modifications are intended strictly for off road use and no representation is implied or provided as the the legality of said modifications for any other use.  Please contact your DMV for compliance requirements.


OEM Lotus Supercharger Kit for Toyota 2ZZ Powered Elise/ Exige

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