O2 Sensor Simulator - Track Use Only
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* Please note - this device does not modify the vehicles emmisions in any way *

The original resistor+diode method for addressing the MIL light has not been entirely successful on more modern vehicles where the ECU can be more fussy about the readings from the Post-catalyst O2 sensor.

Developed by Hangar 111, our solution intercepts the signal from the O2 sensor and modifies it to give the ECU a genuine post-cat O2 sensor output signal - which prevents the MIL light coming on.  It will not effect the vehicles emmisions in any way.

The unit comes pre-programmed with a setting for the Toyota engined Elise and Exige and the instruction manual explains how to change the settings using the two calibration buttons inside the case.  When set, there is no need to change the signal unless the MIL light should come on in which case a further tweak to the settings may be required.


The kit comes complete with:

 - 1 x O2 Sensor Simulator Unit

 - 1 x Ring Connector (for Chassis Earth)

 - 1 x Crimp Connector (for Signal to ECU)

 - 1 x Scotchlok Connector (for 12v Supply from O2 Sensor)

 - 1 x Instruction Sheet

All connections should be made waterproof using suitable insulating tape or heat-shrink (not supplied).

Please note that this unit must NOT be used on the pre-cat O2 sensor.  You have been warned.  We will not be responsible for any damage caused by installing the O2 Sensor Simulator in this way.

  • Item #: BRG-H111O2SS

O2 Sensor Simulator - Track Use Only

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