Lotus Sport Ohlins Suspension System
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You could buy a cheaper suspension or try to create a system on your own but why would you think you could out engineer Lotus in suspension design?  This is the legendary Lotus Ohlin Suspension System as specified to the Lotus Sport Elise.  It is designed to be highly adjustable to properly respond to any venue or driving enrivonment.  Consisting of springs, adjustible shocks with remote reservoirs, housing assemblies, pivot bushings, and other required hardware. This package INCLUDES the Lotus Sport Adjustable Anti Sway Bar, upgraded bushings, housings, washers, etc. (also available separately from BRG) thus creating one of the most advanced suspension solutions available for the Lotus 2-Eleven, Europa, Elise or Exige.  Don't be fooled by other systems that substitute generic Ohlin Shocks, this is the factory tuned and specification versions.  It can be adjusted to exceed the capabilities of the "Track Pack" or to provide a more comfortable ride than the base Elise suspension.  This is not a one trick pony.  This system can be just as valuable to a casual street driver as a campaiging professional motorsport racer.  This package is complete with everything you need.  No additional parts are required.


This is the newest revisions to the system.  You may choose the Exige S260 "Road" version or the Lotus Motorsport "Race" version as found on the Cup Cars and 2-Eleven. When selecting the Race version, you must select Yokohama AO48 use or slicks as different springs are required from Lotus.


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Lotus Sport Ohlins Suspension System

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