Lotus OEM Paint Protection for the Lotus Elise
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Now Available- Genuine Lotus OE Paint protection for your Lotus Elise.  This is the same product supplied on the cars when new.  Pre-cut for the application, there are a varieity of individual peices available or you can purchase a full kit with everything included to complete a full installation.  This is the film for 2004-2010MY Elise.  For all other models and years, please email us at Parts@BritishRacingGroup.com


See the guide below for ordering:

  1. SS14402             Full Kit
  2. SS14402-1          Hood Protector
  3. SS14402-2P        RH Side Mirror
  4. SS14402-2D       LH Side Mirror
  5. SS14402-3          Front Bumper
  6. SS14402-4P         RH Side Rocker Panel
  7. SS14402-4D        LH Side Rocker Panel
  8. SS14402-5P        RH Side Door Sill
  9. SS14402-5D        LH Side Door Sill
  10. SS14402-6P        RH Side Rear Panel
  11. SS14402-6D       LH Side Rear Panel
  12. SS14402-7         License Plate Area Protector

  • Item #: SS14402

Lotus OEM Paint Protection for the Lotus Elise

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