Lotus Evora 'S'/ Exige 'S' V6 390HP/ 410HP/ 430HP/ 460HP Kit
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BRG is very proud to offer these fantastic power packages for your Lotus Evora 'S' and Exige 'S' V6. 

The factory car offers 350 hp which is fine but many owners look for more power to elevate the Evora's and Exige's performance to match the car's supercar looks.  These refined, complete ugrade packages were developed in Germany by Lotus Factory trained engineers, and have seen extensive testing to ensure reliability as well as outstanding performance. 

4 levels of kits are available and each are upgradable to the next level up meaining you can start with the low end and move up in stages to the most aggressive option. 

The crankshaft pulley will need to be forwarded in advance to us as a core or an additional deposit of $450 provided until it is sent post-install. 

These upgrades ARE available for IPS and manual transmission equipped vehicles unlike the competition. 

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Our kits now INCLUDE your own tuning cable so no need to send us your ECU!  Other vendors DO NOT include a tuning cable which will allow you to flash back and forth between the original factory tune and the revised one.  It will also allow for future upgrades.  

These kits are made to order by Komo-Tec in Germany and pricing INCLUDES all customs fees and import taxes for US buyers.  Buying from vendors outside of US will require you to pay these costs above the international shipping costs.  Shop smarter.

We WILL NOT support kits sold by overseas vendors.

Kits are assembled and built to order.  Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.

All sales are final on this product.  No returns or exchanges will be accepted as each cable and tune are tied to your vehicle and can not be reused on another vehicle.  Orders may not be cancelled after purchase for this reason.


Stage I-  390 HP

Stage I is the entry level option for the V6 Lotus owner. The Evora S is originally equipped with 350 hp (information provided by the manufacturer). To provide the car with more appropriate dynamics we have developed the Stage I Upgrade with 390 hp. By fitting a specially engineered 3:1 stainless steel exhaust manifold, a performance air filter and modifying the engine's electronics, we have been able to increase the max power by 37 hp to 387. 

A notable increase in performance is already noticeable at 3000 rpm. The largest increase in power can be experienced between 5000 and 7200 rpm. Additionally, the engine's torque increases by 30 Nm.

Our Stage I-Kit consists of:

-Stainless steel exhaust manifold with optimised pipe lengths
-K&N Sports air filter
-optimised engine management (combustion and injection)
-Sports catalyzer (main catalyzer)
-misc. fasteners


Stage II- 410 HP

Based on the Stage I upgrade, The Stage II further enhances your V6 Lotus, pushing output to over 400 HP! In addition to the components used in the Stage I kit, a modified charger ratio is incorporated to push performance even higher. With a smaller, but perfectly adequate increase in boost, pressure of 0.04 bar is achieved. In connection with a additional enhancements to the control unit, Stage II achieves a significant improvement in the torque performance which transaltes into even more aggressive acceleration. The Stage II kit boasts spectacular power delivery which is apparent from 3000 rpm when 90% of the maximum torque is achieved. Compared with the Stage I,  the increase the maximum power of approx. 15 hp to approx. 407HP. Torque a further increased to 449NM. Our Stage II kit consists of:

-Stainless steel exhaust manifold with optimised pipe lengths

-K&N Sports air filter

-modified pulley

-optimised engine management (combustion and injection)

-Software adds

-Sports catalyzer (main catalyzer)

-misc. fasteners

NOTE:  Your crank shaft pulley will need to be modified.  You can choose to order a new one and have that modified to minimize downtime or have your existing one sent to the manufacturer for modification. 


Stage III- 430 HP

The  V6 Lotus upgrades from BRG. In addition to the components used in The Stage II kit, a modified Carbon Airbox system with cold air feed and a matching Stage III software further enhance the performance of your Evora to supercar levels of performance. The bigger diameter of the new carbon airbox together with the high flow airfilter allow for better air flow and expanded performance capability. Stage III provides an increase of approx 18hp and 12Nm torque over the Stage II kit.  Stage III includes:

-Stainless steel exhaust manifold with optimised pipe lengths

-Komo-Tec Carbon Air Box with K&N Sports air filter

-modified pulley

-optimised engine management (combustion and injection)

-Sports catalyzer (main catalyzer)

-misc. fasteners

NOTE:  Your crank shaft pulley will need to be modified.  You can choose to order a new one and have that modified to minimize downtime or have your existing one sent to the manufacturer for modification. 


Stage IV- 460 HP

Now Available after extensive testing is the new Stage IV kit.  This upgrade on the Stage III is possibly the most exciting development yet for the Exige V6 and Evora S.  The Stage IV kit features the first watercooled intercooler for the Evora S/ Exige V6.   It represents the logical evolution of the Stage III 430 kit.  

The system was developed over 14 months with extensive engineering and testing creating an extremely powerful and reliable solution for your vehicle. The main difference between the Stage IV and Stage III systems is the water-cooled intercooler. The effect of cooling of the charge air is that higher performance can be achieved without compromising the durability of the engine. Lotus used this same solution for the Esprit back in 1989 with the introduction of the SE model which also used a chargecooler.  The objective in our Stage IV development was a high-efficiency charge-air cooling, minimum charge pressure losses, and low component weight in conjunction with a smaller cross section. We were able to meet all requirements and exceed even our own expectations in the final product. To integrate an efficient intercooler core into the existing charger system, it was necessary to replace the original intake manifold with a completely new unit developed bespoke for this application. The new intake manifold is made of milled aluminum from a solid and incorporates the intercooler, injectors and the supercharger. With the new chargecooling in place,  it is now possible for us to optimize the boost pressure and the ignition timing to thus achieve an output of 460 PS, particularly noteworthy is a maximum torque of 368 ft/lb (500Nm) with an almost flat power curve from 3500RPM. By using the optimized standard supercharger, we achieved a significant improvement in power and torque in the mid rev range, because there the supercharger is now working in the most efficient range. The thermal load on the engine-specific components decreases due to the lower charge air temperature.  The compressor is the standard component but revised internally by the manufacturer in Europe (please note this in planning your installation). In front of the vehicle, a heat exchanger cooler with its own water circuit is integrated to the water in the intercooler core (in the intake manifold) to cool down the water.An electrical water pump accepts the water circulation.

- reduction of the intake air (cooled /uncooled) of approximately 35 ° C
- boost pressure lost by radiator core 0,03bar at 0,6bar boost pressure
- uses the standard installation space, barely visible from the outside
- minimum wheight increase of 10.1 lb (4,6kg) incl. heat exchanger (without water)

Stage IV phase consists of:

- Stainless Steel exhaust manifold with optimized pipe lengths
- KT Carbon air box system with K & N sport air filter
- modified pulley
- Sports catalyser HJS for Stage IV Kit (maincat)
- full aluminum intake manifold with integrated intercooler core and injectors, black anodized.
- water hose kit
- aluminium water tank for intercooler
- Electric water pump
- Heat Exchanger cooler in front of the vehicle
- modification of the standard supercharger (unit must be removed and sent to system manufacturer for modification)
- ECU remap to Stage IV file (modified ignition/injection timing and cam timing)
- ECU Programming cable


NOTE:  Your crank shaft pulley and supercharger nose will need to be modified.  You can choose to order a new pulley and have that modified to minimize downtime or have your existing one sent to the manufacturer for modification. The supercharger must be sent to Komo-Tec for modfication.



If you have a normally aspirated Evora, purchase the Lotus Racing Supercharger Kit with Oil Cooler Upgrade, found elsewhere on our webstore, in addition to the desired Stage from this page. 


This kit is a motorsport specific item and therefore intended for use on private property and/or racing tracks only and is not intended for use on public roads. Please ensure you read the Lotus Racing disclaimer below and understand the affect on warranty.

This is a Special Order Item.  It is non-refundable except for manufacturing defect.

It is STRONGLY recommended that any drivetrain modifications be reversed PRIOR to the installation of any of the kits listed herein above.  The ECU tunes are specifically generated for these kits without additional modification.  Any changes or variations beyond those listed as part of any of the kits are not covered by the ECU remap and may impact the performance and/ or operation of the vehicle.



The Lotus Elise, Exige, Evora, Evora S and Exige S are designed as a road going sports car. Lotus, Komo-Tec  and British Racing Group recognize that owners may wish to use their cars occasionally on closed circuit tracks to experience the car’s full range of dynamic capabilities. However, use of these cars in a competitive manner, including timed runs or laps, is not endorsed by any associated party including those named herein above. This type of timed, competitive use will invalidate the vehicle warranty and requires appropriate levels of expert vehicle preparation and servicing.

All of the named parties recommend that all local speed laws are obeyed and safety belts are to be worn at all times.

All of the named parties recommend that vehicles are safety checked before and after any track activity.

All items are specified for TRACK USE ONLY. This equipment is intended for use on private property tracks only and is not suitable for use on the public highways. Use of the equipment on the public highway may constitute a criminal offence. Accordingly, the purchaser of the equipment and all users of the equipment must ensure that it is not used on any public highway. customers are responsible for ensuring that their cars comply with all relevant road, track and or race regulations at all times.

Equipment which is intended for track use only carries NO warranty other than that required by law. The service life of these parts will be dependent upon driving style and type of activity. Fitting these parts will invalidate some aspects of your vehicle warranty. Details available on request. customers are responsible for familiarising themselves with these details before ordering parts.

Genuine Lotus replacement parts and accessories, which are not intended for track use only, carry 12 month’s parts warranty subject to the terms and conditions set out in the Owner’s Handbook Warranty Statement. brake discs, brake pads and clutch plates do not carry a warranty, other than that required by law.

All of the named parties named herein above cannot and do not accept any liability arising out of the use of the equipment other than in respect of death or personal injury caused by its negligence. The purchaser’s statutory rights when dealing as a consumer are not affected.

Performance results may vary depending upon the specification of the particular vehicle, environmental conditions and driving style. Published figures should be used for comparison purposes only and verification should not be attempted on public roads.

Items shown are for illustrative purposes only. Actual colors and specifications may vary from those shown and current prices and availability should be checked. All of the named parties reserve the right to discontinue items, change specifications and alter prices without prior notice at any time.

Some parts may require special order, and could therefore have variable lead-times to supply. All prices quoted exclude delivery charges and any import duties that may apply.

The previous general information applies equally to Lotus race cars in relation to race use. customers are responsible for ensuring that their cars comply with all relevant track and race regulations at all times. CARS THAT ARE INTENDED FOR TRACK USE ONLY, CARRY NO MANUFACTURER’S WARRANTY OTHER THAN THAT REQUIRED BY LAW.

British Racing Group, it's affiliates, staff and shareholders shall not be held liable for the installation or modification of any vehicle with an aftermarket accessory.  These upgrades are performed at your own risk to both property and personal well being.  Installation or sue of these modifications are intended strictly for off road use and no representation is implied or provided as the the legality of said modifications for any other use.  Please contact your DMV for compliance requirements.

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Lotus Evora 'S'/ Exige 'S' V6 390HP/ 410HP/ 430HP/ 460HP Kit

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