JRZ Race Single Adjustable Suspension
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Specifically set up for Lotus applications, the JRZ single adjustable damper has a rebound adjuster, located at the end of the piston rod.  It adjusts the rebound and compression in a single click with the bias being on the rebound adjustment.


Kits are fitted with the following coil springs setup when supplied:

Elise S1/Exige S1/Elise S2 with Rover K-Series Engine:

   - Road/Track Springs: 350 Front/400 Rear

Elise 111R/Exige S2 with Toyota Engine:

   - Road/Track Springs: 400 Front/450 Rear

Honda-Powered/Duratec Powered Elise/Exige:

  - Road/Track Springs: 450 Front/500 Rear


Please specify vehicle fitment when ordering.  For custom spring rates please contact us, parts@britishracinggroup.com


  • Item #: BRG-H111JRZ1WASS

JRZ Race Single Adjustable Suspension

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