JRZ 3-Way Adjustable Suspension
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JRZ's triple-adjustable damper has a separate adjustment device to control the low speed compression damping forces without affecting the mid and high-speed damping ranges.

The large 22mm piston rod provides sufficient oil flow on very small and low-speed damper movements, the low-speed adjuster mechanism is very sensitive and responsive.

The low-speed adjuster uses a bore design in which the area can be varied. The adjuster is located on top of the remote reservoir and has eight adjustment positions. Changes made to the low-speed damping forces have a major effect on handling because corner entry, corner exit, braking, and power down are all about low speed piston rod movements.


Kits are fitted with the following coil springs setup when supplied:

Elise S1/Exige S1/Elise S2 with Rover K-Series Engine:

   - Road/Track Springs: 350 Front/400 Rear

Elise 111R/Exige S2 with Toyota Engine:

   - Road/Track Springs: 400 Front/450 Rear

Honda-Powered/Duratec Powered Elise/Exige:

  - Road/Track Springs: 450 Front/500 Rear


Please specify vehicle fitment when ordering.  For custom spring rates please contact us.

, parts@britishracinggroup.com


  • Item #: BRG-H111JRZ3WASS

JRZ 3-Way Adjustable Suspension

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