JRZ 2-Way Adjustable Suspension
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The double adjustable damper is adjustable in both rebound and compression. In addition to the same precise and accurate rebound adjustment mechanism as in the single adjustable, the double adjustable damper has a remote reservoir with the compression adjuster and gas volume.

This reservoir is connected to the damper with a Teflon-lined high-pressure hose. With the 22 mm diameter pistonrod, a large volume of oil is displaced by even the smallest movements of the suspension. This translates into a very precise and sensitive compression adjustment which is ultimately necessary for a race car.


Kits are fitted with the following coil springs setup when supplied:

Elise S1/Exige S1/Elise S2 with Rover K-Series Engine:

   - Road/Track Springs: 350 Front/400 Rear

Elise 111R/Exige S2 with Toyota Engine:

   - Road/Track Springs: 400 Front/450 Rear

Honda-Powered/Duratec Powered Elise/Exige:

  - Road/Track Springs: 450 Front/500 Rear


Please specify vehicle fitment when ordering.  For custom spring rates please contact us, parts@britishracinggroup.com


  • Item #: BRG-H111JRZ2WASS

JRZ 2-Way Adjustable Suspension

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