Headlight Halos for S2 Elise(2001-2010) and S2 Exige(2004-2011)
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For S2 Elise (2001-2010) and S2 Exige (2004-2011)

Headlight Halos for Elise / Exige

Dress up those headlights with these high quality COB LED halo rings!

These halos give a nice solid ring of bright light unlike some of the others   on the market that use an older style led.

These can be used as day time running rights by tying them into the parking light circuit or can be used as turn signals by tying them into theturn lamp circuit!   Your choice, you can wire them as you wish.

All halos include light diffuser rings which are optional to install.  The diffuser ring creates a small flood effect on the light output.  

These require separation of the headlight lens and housing base  for installation unless you dont mind trimming the housing to insert them  into the assembly. The trimmed portion wont be seen once installed.

Available Colors include: White , Amber, Blue or Red 

Clear silicone adhesive included for install!

British Racing Group and GRP will not be held responsible for any liability resulting from the installation of this kit including but not limited to that which may result from installing these lights causing your vehicle to become illegal for street use, any safety complications or concerns, etc.  Look into your local laws prior to install--especially Red or Blue Halos.  Sold for OFF ROAD USE ONLY.  Any road use is strictly done at the owner's risk

* Headlight Housings in pictures not included but available elsewhere on this site



Headlight Halos for S2 Elise(2001-2010) and S2 Exige(2004-2011)

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