Hawk High Performance/ Plus/ HT-10 Brake Pads
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Hawk has become the goto source for aftermarket brake pads for the Lotus Elise and Exige.  Their line-up of mainstream products including; the High Performance Street (HPS) for street and track use, the High Performance Plus (HPP) for extreme street autocross and HPDE use and the HT-10 for Racing use.  British Racing Group is proud to now represent the entire line-up from Hawk.

The HPS is a great upgrade from the standard OE pads.  They provided 20-40% improved stopping distances while still being easy to live with.  They do not dust like some other pads nor do they provide the noise typically associated with higher performance competitor.  This is due to their unique, motorsports developed formula of Ferro-Carbon.  These pads are compatible with the standard caliper and rotor systems found in most Toyota powered Elise and Exige (except the AP Racing/ Brembo equipped models)

HPP pads move the performance up a notch.  Intended for extreme street, autocross and HPDE applications, the HPP is an excellent choice if your vehicle sees a lot of aggressive driving.  There's a bit more dust and noise at colder temperatures but the resulting performance is stunning.  These pads are compatible with all brake systems on the Elise, Exige and 2-Eleven.

The HT-10 pads are specifically designed for Race applications.  They are meant for higher temperature use and will eat your rotors alive if not used accordingly.  That said, if you need the ultimate in stopping performance for competition, this is the best non-ceramic option available.

All pads come with a lifetime manufacturer's warranty against production defects.


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Hawk High Performance/ Plus/ HT-10 Brake Pads

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