Hawk Dynamic Torque Control Performance Brake Pads (DTC30)
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Product Description

The Hawk DTC-30 Brake Pad was designed to provide a smooth brake feel without sacrificing brake bite. The DTC-30 Pad is designed to perform consistantly in temperatures up to 1200°F! There are not to many other brake pads that can withstand temperatures that high and still maintain great pedal feel. The Hawk DTC-30 brake pad is great if your looking for a race ready pad that can perform under harsh temperatures and give consistant braking characteristics.


Upgrade the front pads to the DTC-60 for extra stopping power for the Elise or the DTC-70 for the Exige or modified Elise with extra downforce. 

Product Features
  • Smooth Braking Feel
  • 100-1200°F Operating Temperatures
  • Aggressive Torque with Control
  • Great Brake Pad and Rotor Wear
  • Designed to Deliver High Deceleration Rates
  • Consistant Brake Release Characteristics

This is a Racing Pad. 


  • Item #: BRG-HAWDTCBP

Hawk Dynamic Torque Control Performance Brake Pads (DTC30)

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