Hawk Blue 9012 Track Brake Pads
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For over 15 years, Hawk Performance has dominated the racetrack by providing champions with cutting-edge friction materials. Whether you are looking to improve your braking ability during the next lapping day or looking to make your move on the final lap, Hawk has you covered with a wide array of Motorsport Compound Pads.

SPECIAL NOTE: Due to the aggressive nature of the Hawk Performance motorsports compound pads, they are not recommended for street use.

Blue 9012 Compound

Product Features
  • 250-1000°F Operating Temperatures
  • Multi Purpose Compound
  • Brake Pad and Rotor Wear
  • Designed to provide low to medium torque
  • Excellent Brake Release Characteristics
Product Description

The Hawk Blue 9012 Brake Pad was created to be a multi purpose brake pad but has also shown to be very effective on road and rally race cars. The Blue 9012 Brake Pad compound is an entry level compound that operates can perform in temperatures from 250°F all the way to 1000°F. This particular multi purpose compound delivers low to medium torque and is still aggressive enough to stop your race vehicle in an instant.

The Hawk Blue 9012 Brake Pad Material is the leading seller for SCCA!

Product Installation

The Hawk Blue 9012 Brake Pad needs to be properly installed and bedded for the best performance possible.

These are front only pad sets.


These pads ARE NOT compatible with the AP Racing and Brembo upgrade systems. 



Hawk Blue 9012 Track Brake Pads

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