GT Rear Toe-Link & Brace Bar Kit - Toyota Engined Cars
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Constructed from high-grade aluminium with motorsport specification rose-joints, this uprated toe-link kit features interlocking collets to provide superior rigidity over the original ball-joint type setup.

There are two problems with the standard ball joints and tie rods.

- The joints are prone to failure without warning
- Due to the proximity to the cat the inner joints can dry out and begin to seize.

A symptom of this is a knocking noise from the rear of the vehicle that is transmitted through the subframe to the chassis.  Some have described it as sounding like snooker balls knocking together or a creaking sound.  This is particularly prevalent when the car is hot or the weather is warm. The only solution for this is replacement of the joints, however even new joints will suffer the same problems relatively soon.

The GT kit solves all of these problems and features:

 - Double sheer inner mountings for extra strength
 - Motorsport spec rosejoints which are not filled with grease so do not require replacing
 - Adjustable for bump steer
 - Strength of the bars and joints are far in excess of the standard factory fitted items
 - Joints are more precise for sharper handling

Each kit includes all components to replace the original rear to link setup and brace bar.

  • Item #: BRG-H111GTRTLK

GT Rear Toe-Link & Brace Bar Kit - Toyota Engined Cars

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