GRP Replacement Front Bumper for Evora and Evora S
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High quality replacement GRP front bumper cover for Lotus Evora and Evora S.  Made by a OEM supplier, this GRP replacement is hand made in the UK, providing very high quality and improved rigidity over the original ABS unit. 

2012+ design improvements have been incorprated into this unit so it is compatible with all model year Evora and Evora S.  Additional hardware kit required for pre 2012MY cars (as is true with the replacement covers from Lotus as well).  This kit includes plates, grilles, washer bottle and hardware.

Does not include grilles or marker lamps but those are available on request for an additional cost.  Contact us at

Bumper covers are made to order in the UK.  Orders require 5-7 business days for fabrication from order.  All shipment are made from the manufacturer so expect shipment times of 7-10 business days with expedited fright and 3-4 weeks by standard shipment.

These bumper covers are GRP and not the OEM ABS plastic.  This means they have different characteristics than the OEM ABS plastic pieces.  Please note that they have not been crash tested and so their performance in such situations has not been documents.  No representation as to the bumper cover's performance in these situations is implied or represented.


GRP Replacement Front Bumper for Evora and Evora S

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