Carbon Fiber Rear Window Shroud for S2/ S3 Lotus Elise
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Fitment:  S2/S3 Lotus Elise 2001MY+

This 100% Carbon Fiber rear window shroud/ roll bar cover replaces the GRP OEM shroud for a nice stylish look along with weight savings.  Combine with a carbon fiber roof for a dramatic appearance which not only lowers the cars visual height but also lowers the overall center of gravity of the car.

Weight: 2585 grams  Vs OEM: 3515 Grams  -Saves 2lbs! 

Available in Matte or Glossy Finish

Please note that the impact characteristics of carbon fiber are very different than fiberglass or GRP.  As a result, this piece will respond differently to accidents.  Please do your research prior to purchasing this product as a submitted order represents a recognition and acceptance of the aformentioned characteristics.

Due to the nature of carbon fiber manufacturing some parts may require some adjustments for a proper fit. For this reason professional installation is required.  Small blemishes may occur, although we do our best to keep them from happening.

All carbon fiber accessories are made to order and are considered bespoke to you.  They are constructed to your specifications and as such are considered a "special order".  Once the order is submitted, the submission can not be cancelled or refunded expect where manufacturing or engineering defects are present in excess of the parameters outlined above.  Production may require 4-8 weeks from order.  If there is a time concern, please contact us in advance so we can confirm scheduling with the factory.


Carbon Fiber Rear Window Shroud for S2/ S3 Lotus Elise

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