BRG Lotus Elise/ Exige/ 2-Eleven Suspension Refresh Kit
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With all of the stress an Elise/ Exige and 2-Eleven's suspension can experience through track and spirited street use, things can loosen up with the suspension bearings, bushings, joints, etc.  With this exclusive refresh kit, get everything you need to tighten up the steering and handling of your car with improved components that meet or exceed the OE specifications.  The kit inclludes:


Self Lubricating Bushing Set (including busing removal tool!)

Unlike Mono-balls that can bind, These bushings will replace all the rubber wishbone bushings on your Elise/Exige.  

These are the same bushing that have been used in the SCCA Championship winning BWR XP car for the last 4 years, they work great!

The big advantage?  You will feel much more of what's going on at the wheels.  On sticky tires, the stock rubber pushing deflection affects toe.  The interior of the bushings has been sealed, preventing water and dirt to get into the wishbone eyes and bushings.  Without compromising the ride comfort, this set, combined with a BWR Anti-Roll Bar can be a serious option for those that don't want to invest into a complete set of springs and dampers (and all the time to adjust them).  If you're serious about improving your driving skills, this will help feeling even more connected to the road.

Bushing removal tool included!


Anti-Rollbar Drop Links (2)

New OE spec drop links


Suspension/ Wishbone Bolts and Hardware

 These replace the OEM suspension bolts with quality hardware to prevent untimely, critical failure of the suspension.


Ball Joints (8)

A knocking noise from your wheel area could be pointing to worn ball joints.  The OE ball joints can wear out in less than five thousand miles of stressed use. When they wear out, they will adversely affect the precise handling of your car and can even make the vehicle's handling unpredictable and dangerous.

These ball joints are made specifically to meet or exceed OEM specification.

Track Rod Ends (2)

Rod ends are a common source of failure on the Elise/Exige. These high quality rod ends are a sturdier replacement for your broken or worn OEM ends.


Racing Toe-Links (optional)

BWR/BOElinks are the strongest and lightest toe-link upgrade available for the S2 111 Elise/Exige. these links replace the stock inboard M10 stud with high-strength NAS Aerospace hardware. The carefully specified heim-joints are self lubricating, non-lined, and are rated over 23,000lbs in strength. These are among the highest rated heim-joints that will physically fit on the car. This “over-engineering” helps to ensure that our racers and track-day enthusiasts will have longer service intervals than they would with all other aftermarket toe-link solutions.


This kit has everything you need to refresh you suspension for less than the Lotus OE replacements or the competition.


Consumer Agreement


No warranty or representation is made as to these Products' ability to protect the user from injury or death. The user assumes that risk. The effectiveness, warranty and longevity of these products are directly related to the manner in which IT is INSTALLED, USED and/or MAINTAINED. THE USER ASSUMES THE RISK.

Track Use / Off-Highway Applications

ALL PARTS SOLD, EXCEPT THOSE THAT ARE EXPRESSLY EXEMPT, BY BRITISH RACING GROUP, L.L.C. HAVE BEEN DESIGNED AND ARE INTENDED FOR TRACK / OFF-HIGHWAY APPLICATIONS. These components are legal for racing vehicles only, which may never be used on public roads and highways.

Federal and many state laws prohibit the removal, modification, or rendering inoperable of any device or element of design affecting vehicle emission or safety in a vehicle used on public highways. Violation of such laws may subject the owner or user to a fine or penalty. Vehicles modified by the use of performan

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BRG Lotus Elise/ Exige/ 2-Eleven Suspension Refresh Kit

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