BRG Exclusive Lotus OEM Evora Clutch Kit
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When it comes time to replace the Evora clutch, it can be confusing what you need to purchase.  This exclusive BRG Evora Clutch Kit takes the guess work out of the process.  Based on Lotus recommendation, this kit includes all the components necessary to do the work.  All parts are Lotus OEM so you will be getting the high quality parts your car deserves.  Even better, the kit includes the recommended upgraded items from the 2012 system revamp to ensure better action and reliability.  Included in the kit are:


Flywheel Assembly, manual (upgraded lightweight per Lotus)

Bolt, hex. flg. hd., flex plate to flywheel (x6)

Bolt, hex. flg. hd., flywheel & flex plate to crankshaft  (x8)

Oil Seal, crankshaft front

Oil Seal, crankshaft, rear   

Flex Plate, with starter gear ring   

Master Cylinder, clutch   

Clutch Driven Plate

Clutch Cover    (Uprated per Lotus)

Clip, clutch release bearing   

Support Pivot, clutch release fork

Bolt, clutch cover to flywheel  (x6)

Release Bearing


Upgrade that fading clutch and be sure you aren't missing any required parts. 


  • Item #: BRG-LOTEVCK

BRG Exclusive Lotus OEM Evora Clutch Kit

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