BRG Exclusive Lotus OEM Elise Dual Oil Cooler Kit
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While all early 2005MY Elise came with dual oil coolers, by mid model year, only sport equipped cars came with the option.  As many of the Elise and Exige are tracked or driven agressively, the ommision of this feature has been to the detriment of owners.  BRG has seen this issue arise again and again and have decided to do somethign about it.

This exclusive BRG Dual Oil Cooler Upgrade Kit takes the guess work out of the process.  Based on Lotus recommendation, this kit includes all the components necessary to upgrade your existing single oil cooler car to a dual oil cooler system.  All parts are Lotus OEM so you will be getting the high quality parts your car deserves with OEM fitment and performance.  Included in the kit are:


  • 1x            Oil Cooler, RH
  • 2x            Nyloc Nut, M8, cooler to bracket
  • 2x            Washer, flat, M8 x 20.5 x 1.4, cooler to bracket
  • 1x            Bracket, oil cooler mounting, RH
  • 1x            Duct, oil cooler, RH
  • 3x            Pop Rivet, duct to radiator housing


Upgrade your car for optimal performance.



BRG Exclusive Lotus OEM Elise Dual Oil Cooler Kit

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