Tillett B6F- Available in FIA, homologated configurations!
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Designed as the ultimate racing seat for your Elise, Exige or Europa, the B6F has the same inner shape as the regular BF but it has a super strong full rear frame.  The seat weighs 7.9 kg (17.5 lb) in GRP form and is also available with a carbon fibre front skin.  The seat has side mounts and uses the TB1 brackets to floor fit. It also has upper and headrest mountings for total rigidity and security.  Standard seat width is 41CM

Also available in 44cm width with FIA Approval!  Now get the highest safety available from the B6F line.  Reinforced backing allows this seat to meet the FIA 88-55 1999 standard.  You wouldn't buy a uncertified helmet, why buy an uncertified seat?  Don't be fooled by low priced competition.  Ask them if they have FIA approval before you buy.  These seast DO have rolled edges unlike the 41CM versions.

Now also avaiable in 47CM and 44CM XL sizes.  Note that only the 47CM seat is FIA approved in the XL format. 

These seats are made to order, by hand, and require approximately 8 weeks to fabricate.  Payment is required at time of purchase and is non-refundable. 


  • Item #: BRG-TILB6F

Tillett B6F- Available in FIA, homologated configurations!

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